Latest release on Channillo

The latest chapter of my fantasy novel “Archipelago” has just been released on

Read a sample here:

Aaron approached the Naval Militia Offices, an austere stone building five stories high, overlooking The Bay of Kelmardos. It ran along the east side of the lake surrounding The Lords Tower, creating a functional curtain wall that could – in theory at least – be defended. Built on Ancient foundations, it wore a sense of history; its stoic seaworn solidity marked by centuries of wear. He walked up the steps, countless feet,  winds and rains marking the passage of time.

An imperial guard in full ceremonial armour stood to attention at the grand entrance. He barely looked at Aaron. The doors were open – created in epic proportions, a full six feet taller than him – the hallway inside likewise expansive. Concrete pillars supported the vaulted roof, the ceiling’s heroic plasterwork crumbling to leave deformed creatures cavorting above. Elaborate stained glass decorated one vast window frame overlooking the tower. Small panes, each held in a dark lead lattice, formed a scene depicting The Cataclysm – figures dying, bodies twisting in pestilent agony, whilst The Ancestors fled to the islands. A sweeping staircase spiralled up and corridors led off in two directions. An elderly scribe nodded a greeting.

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