About me

I’m over forty (gulp) and happily married with two children. I live in the south of England, which is wonderful in many ways, most of which I take for granted. This beautiful country seems so messed up, it is easy to feel cynical; I hang on to optimism and positivity, however dog-eared and bedraggled those sentiments have become.

I used to be an artist, studying contemporary art at a number of universities after leaving school. Paying the bills is a necessity that requires a day job, so I teach, which is enjoyable most of the time.

The writing bug bit a few years ago and since then I’ve been creating worlds and stories. Some of them are good. I love writing on Twitter: follow me @EverexJohn.

I have various writing projects on the go, which you can follow here.

Alternatively, contact me below if you would like to join my mailing list and find out about upcoming book releases, events and publications.