Archipelago on Wattpad

You can now read the opening to my novel, Archipelago, on Wattpad:

Sometimes running is the only option.

After a flu pandemic devastated the old world, the Archipelago offered humanity’s only hope for safety, sanctuary and continuation. Hundreds of years later, paranoia and fear of the world beyond fuels political, religious and ideological isolationism and a brutal approach to strangers from outside.

Caerlin Kengarl, an unwilling smuggler, feels anything but safe when she decides to keep a fortune in stolen drug money. When she becomes implicated in the murder of a noble-born dealer with powerful connections, she has no choice but to run.

Aaron Fuidinniel is an orphan wrestling with his conscience. When he refuses to carry out orders and shows mercy, defending the Isles, his future is uncertain. When he saves Caerlin by committing murder, he condemns both of them.

To escape certain torture and death, they attempt something forbidden: flight to the open ocean and the world beyond. Pushing against the fear of what’s beyond and escaping the forces pursuing them, they also battle with their own histories.


My fantasy novel, Shifters, is being published on Wattpad over the next few weeks. You can read the first few parts by following this link:

13-year-old Louis is convinced there is a mystery to solve in his small town. What is the deep throbbing that shakes the bones of the old town at night? What is actually being built in the station development near his house? When he persuades his friend Fran to investigate, they stumble upon a tragic accident and he witnesses the impossible.

Serafina is a teenager from a different dimension; her world is both a mirror to Louis’ and utterly different. As the daughter of Dion, an ambitious and ruthless leader, she has privilege and expectations, neither of which she wants. Her country is imploding as civil war threatens unless her mother’s audacious plan works.

As their stories intertwine, both will need to choose a side and both will discover the truth is far more complicated and dangerous.