Archipelago on Wattpad

My novel, Archipelago, is being published on Wattpad:

Sometimes running is the only option.

Caerlin feels anything but safe when she decides to keep a fortune in stolen drug money. After becoming implicated in the murder of a noble-born narcotics dealer with powerful connections, she has no choice but to run.

When Aaron Fuidinniel, Imperial Militiaman, refuses to carry out orders and shows mercy, defending the Isles, his future is uncertain. When he saves Caerlin by committing murder he condemns both of them.

To escape certain torture and death, they attempt something forbidden: flight to the open ocean and the world beyond. Pushing against the fear of what’s beyond and escaping the forces pursuing them, they also battle with their own histories.

Archipelago is a post-apocalyptic fantasy, set in the distant future.